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Signal Automatically Switches


Signal Automatically Switches

The repeater has worked flawlessly for the past year. I did not make any changes. Suddenly the repeater started to automatically switch from the 2.4g signal to the 5g signal on my iPad and iPhone. Each time I would select the 2.4g signal it would swtich back to 5g. I selected Forget this Network for the 5g signal but then the device switched to the main router signal. In the past when I booted up my iPad it automatically selected the 2.4g signal. Now I have to manually selected each time because in the settings it says "Not Connected". I Logged on the Neatgear user sight and saw my configuration all of which was correct.


Any suggestions as to how I can fix this problem?

Model: WN2500RP|Universal Dual Band WiFi Range Extender
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Re: Signal Automatically Switches

Hello NaBurger 


Have you tried to use Fastlane it will only enable 2.4 or the 5ghz and give better signal maybe selecting this will keep it only on the 2.4 for you. Its in the Advanced settings of the extender.



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