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The Common question :P


The Common question :P

Hello everyone! I do hope this is in the right section I was having a little hard time wondering where to put it....

First off what I wanna say is the reason I wanna reset my IP address is for this game, I can do free surveys then re make the alt but would rather have a different IP address..

Now my issue is this...

I typed in the 192.168 etc in firefox....and then I went to Basic Settings > MAC > and I changed the numbers around from 0-9 A- F (Maybe I am doing it wrong all of a sudden). Then I would reset PC unplug modem....wait 10 secs...plug back in....unplug router cable connection, plug back in after 10 secs once Modem was done.

Now usually I would be able to go to "myipaddress" and it would show me a completely different number so that showed to me it worked...but now it doesn't anymore =/ Keeps saying its in Texas lol.

Any tips or suggestions? On what I am doing wrong D=.
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Re: The Common question :P

You are looking at LAN side ip, NOT WAN side

Depends on broadband, chaining public IP will an issues
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