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Transition NETGEAR Genie from XP to W8.1

The NETGEAR Genie software that controls my online access is located on a XP computer. This computer will be taken off line sometime in early January. I need to move the NETGEAR Genie off of the XP system onto my new Windows 8.1 system.
Mr router is a N300 (WNR2000v4). The Genie version is How do I do this? Is compatible with Windows 8.1? Would the router have to be reinstalled from the new 8.1 system?


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Re: Transition NETGEAR Genie from XP to W8.1

I was wondering the same thing. Right now my router is also set up using the modem thats connected to my windows xp. What I read online is that as of April 1st, the support for windows xp will stop by no longer making "any updates" available. Im far from a computer person but it I am pretty sure if no more updates for xp are available, does that not leave anyone who has xp exposed. Also, no xp, no microsoft security essentials! What does one do if you cannot afford to run out and buy a new computer??Im pretty sure there are millions of folks out there that still use the xp format..Can anyone expand on this issue? I really dont have a choice but to keep my old system. Now I seen someone post something about "WINDOWS 8.1.. Is this the new format and what can I do to my existing computer that will allow it to accept the 8.1 format.:confused:Also, do I have to somehow "RECONFIGURE" my router to accept windows 8.1 if I can install 8.1 on my existing computer. There does not seem to be much info. on these issues and it seems those of us "OLD SCHOOL XP FOLKS" are going to be scampering around wondering what to do. Of course I imagine this very well be intentional so we may have to be required to have to PAY SOMEONE for this info..Any input on this matter, please post, IM sure a lot of people will be helped out, thanks, Lee
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