Use netgear wgrv9 as a wireless access point for netopia 2247


Use netgear wgrv9 as a wireless access point for netopia 2247

The network setup is as follows:

DSL line---->Netopia Router(acts as router)---->Netgear router (acts as gateway)

I want the netopia to just provide the internet connection.

The netgear gateway can be used to broadcast the wireless network and as a LAN connection.

However I need to configure the netopia router correctly first in order to link the netgear to it.

Ideally, the config pages for both the netgear and netopia can be accessible on the LAN and wireless connection ( and respectively).

For LAN the default gateway is the Netopia one with the DSL i.e.

For Wireless the default gateway is the Netgear one (the Netopia is connected to the one of the 4 LAN ports on the Netgear). i.e.

The Netopia config page can also be reached at the same gateway address. The following changes were made in Expert mode of the router (Config tab):

1. Turn wireless off
2. In Advanced, for DHCP Server, disable it
3. Save changes for all and let the router restart itself

Next login to the gateway address of the netgear router and make these changes:

1. In Basic settings: Select "Yes" for your gateway to need an internet connection
2. Below that enter the Login and password details of your ISP
3. Set Connection Mode to "always on"
4. In the DNS address section of that page, set as the primary and secondary DNS server.
5. Click Apply
6. Go to the Advance section and click on LAN setup
7. In LAN TCP/IP setup, set the IP address to, IP subnet mask should be
8. Enable the gateway to run as DHCP server, the Starting IP should be and ending IP should be
9. Click Apply.

At the moment, there is still no internet connection when I connect to the Netgear wireless network and I am using the netopia LAN connection to correct this but having no luck as to discovering why the netgear gateway has no internet access?
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Re: Use netgear wgrv9 as a wireless access point for netopia 2247

follow this and should be done in 5-10min
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