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WAX610 Slow WiFI Hard Wired in Bridge Mode


WAX610 Slow WiFI Hard Wired in Bridge Mode

I have a WAX610 Access Point hard wired to the router with 600MB to the Access Point. I have it set in bridge mode. I am only getting 300-400MB across WiFi on 5GHZ. The access is point is 2ft from the devices with no obstructions. Is there any way to optimize the access point? What is the best performance I can expect from the access point?
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Re: WAX610 Slow WiFI Hard Wired in Bridge Mode

To optimize your WAX610 Access Point, ensure firmware is updated. Adjust channel width to 80MHz for max throughput.


Verify interference-free channels, reduce nearby devices, and utilize beamforming if available. Realistically, expect around 500-600MB on 5GHz with optimal conditions.

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