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Re: WFS709TP: Setup for multiple locations/subnets


WFS709TP: Setup for multiple locations/subnets

I am attempting to setup our WFS709TP AP controller to run WGL102 APs that are located at various locations (and in different subnets) across our WAN environment.

I not having much luck with any of the official manuals - they are vague at best when describing how this may be done.

Is it possible for APs in different subnets and locations all use the same SSID? I assume that these must be setup to use different VLANs but I am getting some non-descript errors when attempting this. Using a different SSID is accepted however it would nice if I could use the same SSID given it would minimise client setup for those people that move across locations/subnets and allow them to us just the one preferred network.

If anyone can give me a more in depth description (than the manual provides) as to how this may be achieved (hopefully with an example with IPs) it would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: WFS709TP: Setup for multiple locations/subnets

just give you some heads up.. very little uses this models so you may not see much reply...

I have never played with it so I'm out loop on this..

jchri9 or beisser might have some info ....
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Re: WFS709TP: Setup for multiple locations/subnets

Did anyone ever get any answers around this?
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Re: WFS709TP: Setup for multiple locations/subnets

this may be too late for you, but i got this working

i used the local dhcp server in the remote offices to serve up the bootp options and it seemed to work ok
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