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Re: WFS709TP with remote AP's


WFS709TP with remote AP's

Hi - have a client that wants 12 Access Points centrally managed, so been looking at the WFS709TP unit.

However, 11 of the 12 AP's are on their WAN, with broadband connectivity on VPN's back to HQ.

Anyone done this already? Any thoughts or comments?

Thanks, Gary
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Re: WFS709TP with remote AP's

Hi Gary, Were you able to resolve this? Thanks, Ken.
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Re: WFS709TP with remote AP's

this may be too late for you, but i've managed to get this to work with a remote site.

make sure you have a vpn tunnel between the 2 sites, set up the remote access point to use dhcp.
set the dhcp server local to the access point so that it gives out the address of the dns server at your central office where the access control is as the wins address

access point should then boot from the access controller - note it can take a few minutes depending on the speed of your wan link

you should then be able to provision it as usual
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