WGR614v10 connect wirelessly to another router as an access point/bridge?


WGR614v10 connect wirelessly to another router as an access point/bridge?


I spent literatly the entire day searching the web and this forum and although it seems to be impossible, I`d like to be certain about it before purchasing a booster.

I moved to a bigger house and had to place my main router in the back where I'm "building up" a small office. The router is actually very good (Linksys WRT160Nv3), the problem is that even with it's good range, I'm not getting a very good signal at the dorms or at the living room.

I have an old NetGear WGR614v10 that's been sitting around and I was wondering if I could use it to "increase the range" of my network without using cables. I was able to configure the WGR614 as a repeater but had to use cables to connect it's LAN port to another LAN port of the Linksys WRT160N(as in this post,-wgr614,-or-wgt624-routers-as-an-ac...).

It did work great (although the network I was getting was a g, not an n). The problem is that in order to use that setup I'd have to place a cable in between the two routers, and unfortunately that's not an option. I tried inserting Linksys' MAC adress into the NetGear one's configs, making sure that the later was a repeater, had a different IP adress (out of the range of the Linksys router) and had the same SSID, then with different SSID's and many other setups.. no success. My question is, is it possible at all?

If so, I`d really appretiate a "step-by-step" guide as my understanding in english is still problematic. I enphasize, however, that I really wanted to be able to keep the Linksys where it is right now (because other computers are being connected to it through cables) while still getting a good signal at the other side of the house, with no cables.

My second option would be purchasing a range extender, such as Linksys RE1000 Wireless-N Range Extender and place it near the bedrooms to improve the signal in that area. Is the RE1000 a good option? Are there better options at more affordable prices? Any other suggestions? Smiley Very Happy

Thanks a lot!
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Re: WGR614v10 connect wirelessly to another router as an access point/bridge?

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