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WGR614v5 Wireless Uploads Bad


WGR614v5 Wireless Uploads Bad

My router suddenly uploads horrible, but only on wireless. All wired connections are flawless and downloads via wireless are also flawless. I've tried different channels and gone over the settings many times. All speed tests done from various sites always fail on the upload test.

This is the best upload test I got from my iPad. It peaked and then dropped off to nothing. Most tests end up doing nothing or 0.01 or 0.05 upload speeds.

Is my router just gone bad or am I missing something.

Here is wireless test that succeeded. Best results

Here is a wired test that always works and with good results.

Appreciate any help from the forum.
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Re: WGR614v5 Wireless Uploads Bad

Also, I'm on the latest firmware and have encryption enabled.

My setup is 2 wired pc's
1 wired ps3
2 wireless iPhones
1 wireless iPad
1 wireless laptop.
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