WIFI ext EX6120 keeps losing internet connection


WIFI ext EX6120 keeps losing internet connection

My extender was located in the hallway a few yards below the hub in my office, but the signal in room next to it was variable.  I thought that although it's an internal wall, it's double skinned and insulated and that that might affect the signal, so I moved the extender into the room.  The signal strength is fine but I regularly lose Internet connection.  I can connect with a weak, though consistent signal direct to the hub so I know it's the extender that's at fault.  I still thought the insulated wall might be a problem between the hub and the extender so I bought a powerline network and plugged the extender into it with the ethernet connection.  When it's connected I now get a full strength signal, but still keep losing the internet!!!!!   

I'm not all that technical savvy, so please keep responses clear and easy to follow.  Thank you.

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