WN1000RP not "routing" ?!

I'm having a strange behaviour here with one of the WN1000RP repeaters.

Network :
. Full Static IP addresses, all in same subnet;
. WiFi access point : Netgear WG602v4,
. Not broadcasting the SSID ;
. Access controll set on MAC address through the access point;
. Only one router (IP level only).

Setup :
. I've done it "manual", set up an IP address in local & routed network;
. DNS : OK;
. The repeater is able to check for updates (and it says "there is no new udpate") ;
. Firmware version : (already camed wit it);
. Added the MAC address of the repeater to the access point;
. Added the "translated" addresses of connected devices to the access point (one per device);
. Set a new password;
. SSID broadcasting disabled (so WPS has been automatically disabled);

Problems & observations :
. All three leds are green;
. It has never asked me for password while trying to connect (always direct access to the interface);
. I can ping any device (including the router) into the local network, I also can ping external IP addresses from connected devices through the repeater. But cannot access any website ! It sounds like DNS is not allowed to pass trhough the repeater (!?)

Questions :
. Did I forgot to "enable" something to make password being asked before each connection to the repeater admin interface ?
. How does the repeater work with DNS ? does it perform some kind of proxy service ?

Thank you in advance for your help !

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Re: WN1000RP not "routing" ?!

1. Do a hard reset on the device. Press the pinhole reset button for 30 seconds.
2. Wait for the Status light (Second light) Turn solid green.
3. Search for wifi network and connect to NETGEAR_EXT. (It is an open network so no password needed).
4. Open a browser and go to
5. Follow the prompts.
Check the user guide at
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