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WN2000RPT Extender will not accept Password


WN2000RPT Extender will not accept Password

Hi All,

I would be very gratefull for any assistance with an issue I have with my Netgear wireless extender.

I can connect to the mywifiext.net page and it will complete the final step to complete the installation where i am asked to now connect to the extender (in this instance it is called Magnet_EA18_EXT) and asks me to enter my password.

I have entered this on numerous occasions at this stage and it always come back asking me to re-enter the correct information.

I am positive the password is correct and have tested this by disconecting from the main wireless connection and re-entering the password, I have also reset the password on the main wireless connection and reconnected without issue.

For whatever reason the extender does not appear to accept the password and will not complete the final step of setup.

I will not even pretend to be very adept with my understanding of networking and the likes so any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have also went through previous posts on this forum and have seen similar questions and followed some of the steps but nothing has resovled the issue.

If you need any further information from my end please let me know.

Many thanks again if you are able to assist.


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Re: WN2000RPT Extender will not accept Password

Are you typing in your "Passphrase" password to log into the network or the the admin password to get into the router settings page? You should be using the Passpharse password.

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