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WN2000RPT & iPad


WN2000RPT & iPad

I have been following the thread on internet dropping out on this device but have a different problem. I set up the WN2000RPT extender using the wizard and all looked good. My iPad connected with a strong signal. I managed to get internet access the first time I tried but never since. I can connect the iPad to my Belkin router but the signal is weak where I want to use it and it keeps dropping out.

A Windows laptop connects and stays connected with no problem.

Thanks Ian
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Re: WN2000RPT & iPad

Almost immediately after my post I solved the problem. The logic of how totally escapes me. I made the post from my PC right next to my Belkin router. I then connected the iPad to the extender even though the signal was very weak. When I took the iPad to the other end of the house it stayed connected with the Internet working.
The iPad still drops the Internet but not as often as when I had a weak signal.
This is a well documented iPad problem, hopefully iOS 5 will fix it.
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