WN2000RPT and Xbox live


WN2000RPT and Xbox live


I recently purchased a Netgear Universal WiFi Range extender. I set it up and it seems to work fine for connecting to the internet. But, I am unable to connect to xbox live through the wireless connection produced from this extender. I know the problem is with the extender because the weak internet connection from my Motorola router can connect to xbox live fine.

When I diagnose the internet connection on my xbox, it says there is a DNS error occurring.

What can I do?
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Re: WN2000RPT and Xbox live

I would try to do a hard reset on both the router and the extender.

There should be a little pin hole on your router and on your extender you can stick a toothpick in. Put it in each for 10 secs and see if that helps.
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Re: WN2000RPT and Xbox live

I'm having the same problem, my son's XBox cannot connect to XBox Live when hardwired to the range extender. I can, however, connect to the net wirelessly via the extender using a PC, idevice, and Kindle. If, however, I try to use an ethernet cable, and a PC, I end up with a password prompt and the admin page of the extender. I suspect that the XBox is receiving the same request.

I ended up buying an XBox wireless adapter, (which took some doing as none of the stores here in Norway carry accessories for earlier XBox 360 models without built-in wifi).
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