WN2000RPT_v2 Extender Unreliable Connection


WN2000RPT_v2 Extender Unreliable Connection

Same problem here. The extender's connection is so unreliable and inconsistent! Sometimes it works, regularly it doesn't. It shows up, but no internet. Often I switch to the weaker (because of distance) original wireless router, then switch to the extender and that seems to help.

I called support, but I was out of 'free support'. I was told it was a software issue, and that it would cost over $100 to get this fixed.

Or, I could go online for support.

We have a wnr1000rpt_v2 router hardwired to an Arris Cable modem (from Comcast). The extender is a wn2000rptv2, and I downloaded firmware = wn2000rptv2-V1.1.0.12.img, but the dmg file isn't recognized by the mac laptop and won't open.

I appreciate any assistance.

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Re: WN2000RPT_v2 Extender Unreliable Connection


Should wnr1000.. there is no RPT ends with router models

Do NOT MOUNT *.img file. this is firmware file. IGNORE mount error of any on Mac
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June Mizoguchi-
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Re: WN2000RPT_v2 Extender Unreliable Connection

Lets face it Netgear, you produced a poorly designed and tested product for what is a very basic customer scenario. Instead of answering the questions you expect customers to be network engineers, shame on you. I happen to be a computer professional with 25+ years of software and networking expertise and have read all of the forums regarding this product, and spent many hours debugging this device. Net net, it doesn't work as advertised and there's no customer networking tweaks that will make it work, fix your firmware and test it. I'm on my second version of this device, and I have to reset it or reconfigure it weekly.:mad: People, buy another product
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Re: WN2000RPT_v2 Extender Unreliable Connection

I agree with Joe. Unless I can get a serious answer in a day or two I will take all 6 of the devices I just bought back to the store.
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