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WN2000RPT wifi signal degrades over time


WN2000RPT wifi signal degrades over time

I have noticed - and documented - a gradual degradation in the signal between the WN2000RPT and my writer (D-Link DIR-825) which will eventually freeze up completely. All other functionality seems to remain, so this was a little bit tricky to zoom in. My current solution is to power off then on the extender which restored the wifi link to optimal 802.11n speed. I am not sure whether the degradation happens over time or due to usage.

So here is my setup and documentation.

I have a cable connection, which can peak at 20 Mb/s.
It is connected to a router (D-Link DIR-825) which includes a 1Gbs LAN switch and 802.11n/g/... wifi.

a second switch is connected to the router behind which are most of the office and personal computers/devices. A SAN device (D-Link DNS-321) and my primary computer connect directly to the router using 1GBs NICs.

My laptop and the extender are the only wifi devices that connect to the router's wifi. They both use 802.11n. I use the wireless extender to connect my PS3 via a wired connection at a theoretically "faster" rate (100Mbps LAN + 802.11n) than connecting it directly via 802.11g (54Mbps max).

After a fresh reboot this is what their signals look like (from wireless status dashboard on router):

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Also, the transfer rate reported by the PS3 is awesome, upto 11Mbps, which is good for HD video streaming.

After several hours, anywhere from 3 to 24, (not yet clear if it happens only if extender is used, or over time regardless), this is what the signals look like:

upload gif
At this point, the PS3 will measure around 1Mbps, barely good for SD streaming. It will more typically be lower than that maybe 30ish Mbps. the signal will stay around 80%+ and the connection stays at 802.11n

Note that the signal strength haven't changed, nor the number of connected devices, nor the weather, or any other factor.

Eventually the connection will totally stop working (Rx/Tx), even though the wireless dashboard will still say there's a signal and a connection established.

A power cycling of the extender only (use button on back: OFF, 10 second wait, ON) and it goes back to having a 100 Mbps+ 802.11n connection.

The stats on the extender is:

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Other settings:
*IP use DHCP (but the IP address is reserved at the router's DHCP)
*Wireless Security: WPA2-PSK [AES]
*Enable Wireless Access Point: OFF
*Enable SSID Broadcast: OFF
Firmware upgraded to latest

From my professional experience (I do work in systems R&D) HW degrading over time is most certainly a HW issue (most likely in the firmware). This is something Belkin needs to address with a fix ASAP.

I will probably return this item within a week or two if a fix isn't released (or at lease announced or the bug acknowledged).
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Re: WN2000RPT wifi signal degrades over time

That's interesting. I don't have an answer because I didn't think to check the signal strength over time. But mine does work for 2-3 days and then just plonk...nothing.

I'll keep an eye on signal strength and see what happens over time. Currently my link rate is: 243 Mbps after rebooting the extender and router.
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Re: WN2000RPT wifi signal degrades over time

Where do you read the link speed from?
I do it from the router/wifi base,

btw, how do you get 243 MBps? what's your wifi settings? (Encryption off?)
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