WN2000RPTv2 as access point ?


WN2000RPTv2 as access point ?

sorry if this has been answered i searched but cant find the answer

I want to connect the WN2000RPTv2 to my router (wired network) and use the WN2000RPTv2 as an access point

I enable the access point checkbox, give it SSID but i cant get no internet connection (plug the wired network to port 1) .. am i trying to do somthing this repeater wont do ? must have have a wireless router already to use it as an extender only ? 😞
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Re: WN2000RPTv2 as access point ?

I am having the same problem, We live in a large brick hous so the Extender cannot get a wireless signal and I have tried to "Wire it" from my router.

Once I wired it and then connected a laptop to it I got a strength 5 signal and was able to browse my network. So it seems to work well as a "Network wired hub" However I cannot connect to the internet at all.

So I have the same desperate question; Are we using the extenders for something they were not intended for and can you only use them to extend a "Wireless signal?"
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Re: WN2000RPTv2 as access point ?

Try using google DNS on thos devices behind the extender and see
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