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WN2000RPTv2 - drops Wifi connection


WN2000RPTv2 - drops Wifi connection

I have WN2000RPTv2 extender that has NEVER worked right.  I can't tell you how many hours I've spent trying to get this thing to stop dropping the WiFi connection.  No, it is not under warranty.  I unplugged the thing because it was about as useful as a boat anchor to extend my WiFi signal.  Then, recently, I got the urge to try it again and check online for any possible solution.  The internet is FULL of similar complaints and Netgear should have stepped up to the plate and did a recall on this unit.  Instead, they chose to just sit back and let people like me rack my brains trying to figure out the problem for myself while they used my money.  You sold me a black box that does not and has not ever worked right.  How was I to know this is a problem that plagues hundreds of users (maybe more)!!!  Now you want more of my money to call support and be told, "Sorry, loser, your item is out of warranty."  When you have this many people complaining about the same thing on the same exact model, you should contact all of us by the email you ask we give you and ask if we are having troubles with the unit.  Those who do (like me) should be told what to do next to obtain a replacement that works.  It is the only fair way to treat customers who put their trust in your company.  There's no time like the present to right this wrong.  I would like a replacement unit...one that works.  Thank you.

Model: WN2000RPTv2|Universal WiFi Range Extender
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Re: WN2000RPTv2 - drops Wifi connection

Hello Cayenne101150

All replacements are through support you will have to contact them.





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