WN2500RP keeps dropping out


WN2500RP keeps dropping out


I bought the Netgear WN2500RP about a year ago to help extend my wireless network and has been working great up until a few days ago where for some reason it keeps dropping out every 30 min or so. For some reason the WN2500RP loses it connection where all the green lights go off apart from the power one for about a minute and then it goes back on. It's like the WN2500RP can't transmit any signal for 30 secs for some reason. Anyone had a simliar issue?

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Re: WN2500RP keeps dropping out

I've got the same issue. Have you found any resolution?
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Re: WN2500RP keeps dropping out

Also having this issue. The wn2500 had been working fine. Then we moved and when I set it up at our new home I noted the link rate LEDs will turn off and back on intermittently. At first just the 2.4 seemed to be acting up but now it is also the 5 GHz freq. anyone have any thoughts on this?
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Re: WN2500RP keeps dropping out

I'm having the same issue and it would be great if someone from NetGear could respond to this issue.

My WN2500RP is only 8m away from my TP-Link TD-W8980 N600 modem-router with triple antennas, so signal strength can hardly be a problem. It is connected via WPS, which I suspect is the real problem because both devices have to share the same channels for both bands and I think they interfere with each other.

My WN2500RP is configured for both device sharing via ethernet (TV and PVR) and for wi-fi signal extension dual band.

The extender, on average, shows green for about five minutes in any 30 minute period. The rest of the time it's yellow or red.

At this point, in the absolute absence of any evidence to the contrary from NetGear despite many complaints on many forums, I am declaring the WN2500RP to be a device with serious design issues and one which should not have been sold. NetGear's only solution (from what I've read, which is everything I could find) was to replace the unit where it was still in warranty and then pretty much ignore the complaints when the new unit did exactly the same thing.

For my part, I'll be lodging a complaint with our fair trading departments if I don't get this resolved very soon. It's been ongoing for more than a year now.
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Re: WN2500RP keeps dropping out

Mine is doing the same. Thanks for pursuing this up the chain. swb
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Re: WN2500RP keeps dropping out

Yup every 30 minutes , I could set my watch to it- sooo annoying reboot nada...cheaper to buy a new NON Netgear router than to pay for tech support- its thier problem not mine. It's only 6 months old.

Would be nice if they could post a solution.
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Re: WN2500RP keeps dropping out

Mine has been doing the samething. I bought mine from dell shortly after i bought the R6250 Netgear Router from Dell too.

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Re: WN2500RP keeps dropping out

Hi JohnW3,


Please try changing the WiFi channel:

Are you also on the latest firmware for both your R6250 and WN2500RP?

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