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Re: WN3000 cannot connect


WN3000 cannot connect

My WN3000 wifi extender cannot connect to my wifi. Even though I have gone through the setup process several times, the wifi extender show up with my network name and the _EXT at the end. No matter what I do it cannot connect and the wifi lamp newer lights up. 

I use windows 10.
The wifi extender was located directly next to the router.

Model: WN3000RP|Universal WiFi Range Extender
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Re: WN3000 cannot connect

Did you try

  • resetting the extender
  • connecting a client to the NETGEAR_EXT network
  • browse to www.mywifiext.net
  • set up the extender from the web ui

Don't press the WPS button.

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Re: WN3000 cannot connect

Same issue here w AC1200 EX6150 v2


Worked fine for 4 months. Now will "not connect to Internet".

I have followed EVERY recommendation at Netgear online.

My router can see the extender. It shows 2 green lights on lower right front.

Will not connect to Internet.

Tech Support tried to extort money from me due to "after 90-days free warranty period." Are you kidding?

How do I get Internet connection back to this device?
Thank you.

Model: EX6150|AC1200 WiFi Range Extender
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