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WN3000RP - Signal (Internet Speed) Awful - Help Please


I have setup my wifi Range Extender. I have placed this extender in the other room, this room is next to the Router.


The router speed is measuring download speeds of around 25-32mb


However when i check the speeds of the extender


I get anywhere between 1mb - 15mb.


My question is why does the speeds change so drastically everytime i do a speed test on the router.


I am doing the speed test on the same computer everytime, the computer is fixed to a desk. So the computer is moving around the house.


Any help with be amazing please. 

Model: WN3000RP|Universal WiFi Range Extender
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Re: WN3000RP - Signal (Internet Speed) Awful - Help Please

Hi @FatCake, are you doing the test while you have the computer wired to the router as well as to the extender (when doing the test on the extender)? Does the issue persist on all the devices (mobile, laptop, tablet, etc.)?



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Re: WN3000RP - Signal (Internet Speed) Awful - Help Please



So just to clarify.


The Extender has been placed in the room next to the Router down stairs. The extender is not wired to the router.


I have been doing these test up stairs on my devices.


The devices are one floor above the router & extender. Almost directly above both.


Edit: It also looks like the furthest light on the right hand side is flicking between yellow/ amber to green.


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