WN3000RP won't allow update


WN3000RP won't allow update

My Wifi extender wont allow up to update with the new firewall. I reset it several times. I go to but it wont let me log on with my wifi password that i just created. I tried pluggin in my computer and access via ethernet without sucess. This extender im using to send wifi to my DVR for my security cameras. If I cant get this to fix I'll replace them. Anyone have an extender/repeater they like and would recommend? My house is all Lath &plaster so its difficult to get the wifi outside my house. The extender solved this problem but would only last 24 hours or less then it would  lose its green light "client link". 

Model: WN3000RP|Universal WiFi Range Extender
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Re: WN3000RP won't allow update

Hello DeeDubz


I would contact support if the extender is still under warranty.



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