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Im having a problem with my extender. I was playing xbox 1 and I needed better connection, so I unplugged my router for 30 seconds and it didn't help. I decided to turn off my extender and turn it back on, but that didn't help either. So I unplugged my extender and put it in my room. At that moment I noticed that the name of the extender changed on my WIFI networks. It changed to "NETGEAR_EXT". Then it changed from private to public. I tried connecting to it(because it says it has a strong signal) but it doesn't work. I believe it's not connected to the router. PLEASE HELP. How do I change the name, make it private again and connect to router.
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Re: WN3000RP

Hello isaaccruz117


You will want to connect to the extender and then go to www.mywifiext.net then log into the router then you should be able to change the settings. If you still can not access the extender I would do a factory reset to the device by holding the reset button for 10 seconds. After that you will log into the extender and do the setup again.



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