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WN3000RPv3 loss of IP address


WN3000RPv3 loss of IP address



I am using three WN3000RPv3 WiFi Extenders as Access Points connected to sockets in different rooms with Ethernet cables. Each Extender is configured with an unique SSID,  and IP address I use DHCP.

My router is using 172.17.12.x addresses and when I connect to my Extender with my smartphone I got an IP address in that range.

But sometimes, I don't understand why, connection on my smartphone stops and IP address on it changes to 192.168.10.y.


Trouble started since I have added the third Extender in another room.


I wonder if the problem is not coming from router which provides IP addesses to all Extenders, or if there is a limitation of Extender number plugged on the same Ethernet network ?!?


Thanks for your help 🙂



Model: WN3000RPv3|N300 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: WN3000RPv3 loss of IP address

Hello Abdel, 


You can try setting up IP address reservations on your extenders to keep the IP's stable



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