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WN604 Bridging


WN604 Bridging

Hi all,

I bought a WN604 as I was told it could act as a wired -> wireless bridge for me.

I've updated the firmware to 2.1.

I've put it into Client bridge mode, and defined the Wifi settings for my own test AP (a draytek) under Wireless. I've confirmed with INsidder that the WN604 isn't broadcasting an SSID, so I think its in bridged mode.

The blue light on the front comes on and flashes away, but when i plug a PC into the WN604, I'm expecting to get a DHCP-d address from the remote network, but don't.

Have I missed a step ?
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Re: WN604 Bridging

Correction: My test AP is a WG102.. not a draytek.
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Re: WN604 Bridging

I've put it into Client bridge mode, and defined the Wifi settings for my own test AP (a draytek) under Wireless.
Is this all you did or just a summary? Because the steps you mentioned is not enough to enable wireless bridging. You need to enable wireless bridging on the WG102 as well and enter the 604's MAC address as one of 102's repeaters. It will be something like this.
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Re: WN604 Bridging

Hi methuselah,

No that's all I did.. I'm just trying to get the WN604 to act as a wifi client..

It'll be a portable unit taken from site to site, where I'll not know the wifi setup each time (so its not a permanent site-to-site bridge).
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Re: WN604 Bridging

I know this issue very well and NG support has no clue about it.

You need to set the default gateway on your IP configuration for WN604 and check the 'Network Integrity Check' box.

I've also an WG102 on the othe end of the WLAN and I'm still facing lost connections, even the above configuration has been completed.

I'm currently testing if it is an overheating of the hardware WN604, when it runs too much traffic.

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Re: WN604 Bridging

adrianmarsh wrote:
Correction: My test AP is a WG102.. not a draytek.

i also think so.
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Re: WN604 Bridging

make sure you are on the latest firmware: WN604_V3.0.2 before you begin.
To make the Netgear WN604 a true wireless bridge complete the following
steps. If you are working with default settings you will want to assign your pc
an IP address something like subnet For now
you can leave the Default Gateway and DNS blank on your Computer while
you program the wireless bridge.

After you set your IP Address and Subnet click ok. Click OK on Local Area
Connection Properties. Now with your computer connected to the Wn604
via ethernet cable, connect to it at Enter the default username
and password of username = admin, password = password. After you login, in
the Configuration tab click on IP. Leave the DHCP Client disabled. Enter your
desired IP Address, choose something in your IP scope of your network, for my
example I use Enter your subnet mask, normally
Then enter your default Gateway, my example as that is the default
gateway of the particular network. You will leave the Primary and Secondary DNS
servers blank as once it is bridged anything connected to it will get the info from
DHCP server. The last thing on the page is to check the box marked Network
Integrity Check. At the bottom of the page click apply. The Wn604 will now reboot.
While it is rebooting you need to change the IP address of your PC to match the
scope of the IP address you just set on the WN604 go ahead and enter your
normal Default Gateway and DNS addresses as well so you can test for
connection after it is bridged.

When the WN604 comes back up log into the new IP, ex:
Next in the Configuration tab click on Wireless Bridge. First check the box for
enable wireless bridging. Then click on the radial marked Client and the settings
will show up. The only thing you need to select in here is at the bottom for
Background Scan Channel List. Select the channel your Main wireless access
point you are trying to connect to is broadcasting at. After selecting your channel
click apply at the bottom of the page. The WN604 will again reboot.

When it comes back up log back in and click on Wireless. Now enter
the info of the wireless ap you are trying to connect to. Enter your
SSID, the channel should already be selected from the previous page as
well as everything down to Network Authentication. Select your type of
authentication, Data encryption, and enter your Network Key. Click Apply.

The Netgear Wn604 should now be bridged to your main Wireless AP. To
confirm see if you can visit any website. I have had luck connecting to
Hawking, Linksys/Cisco, D’Link, Amped, Netgear, Netis, and Tenda Wireless
AP/Routers so my guess is it will connect with them all. I really hope this
saves someone more time than me when trying to get this thing bridged. Oh
also to test that it is truly bridged and passing along your DHCP server
addresses change your computer back to automatically obtain an IP address
and it should pull with no problem. Good Luck.

One thing to note, in the configuration tab when you are setting up the IP Address of
the Wn604. With this latest firmware there seems to be a bug that if you enter the
DNS addresses and it is not bridged or connected via ethernet to those DNS
addresses it will take forever and seem that the router is frozen to switch to any page.
It is probably trying to go out on those addresses and since it isnt bridged yet it is
freaking out. My experience with older SonicWalls leads me to believe this issue is
similar. However like I stated in the instructions there is no need to enter your DNS
addresses on the Wn604 as once it is bridged it will be transparent and pass along
your main wireless routers addresses anyways.
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Re: WN604 Bridging

Excellent thread, just what I was looking for. Will try the steps mentioned and see if it works for me!

OP, did it work for you already??
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