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Re: WN604 and Radius


WN604 and Radius

I saw this thread earlier today: http://forum1.netgear.com/showthread.php?t=62625 and I'd like to continue from it. I purchased my Netgear WN604 in mid-April of this year. The box and manual both describe having Radius support and the feature was present in the configuration website for the access point. I was successfully able to configure the device to work with my Active Directory/Radius infrastructure. However today I noticed that the "with Radius" options on the Security pages were now completely absent, as were the Radius client configuration settings under the Advanced page. I don't know why the settings were now missing. I think I may have updated the firmware in mid-May but I remember everything working fine. Is it possible that Radius support still exists within the device, but they just removed the GUI configuration options for it? I phoned up Netgear support and they declined to assist me because I had an "invalid" serial number. I don't know how that's possible, my number is valid: it's printed on the sticker on the device. I've attached a photo of it: So because my serial number was invalid it means they can't provide any support beyond "have you tried turning it off and on again?". Well, I did reboot (and re-flash) the device, which didn't solve things at all. I did some googling and it looks like the most recent firmware releases for the WN604 remove the GUI configuration for Radius support. Why Netgear? Why did you do this? Seeming as NetGear removed an advertised feature of the device I believe I am within my rights as a consumer (thanks to UK and EU consumer law) to a replacement with an equivalent product that provides 802.11B/G/N with WPA2-Radius security. (Oh, and I've filed a tech support issue with this and I haven't received any response)
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Re: WN604 and Radius

Forum is user to user so if you need proper support, you may need to make complaint to Netgear HQ by writing letter.:)
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Re: WN604 and Radius


I just spoke with Netgear Customer Support and they stated that the WN604 was not meant to have Radius support originally, and that only a small batch of first-run units shipped with Radius support; they told me I'd have to buy a new unit which has official support for Radius.

I reminded them of my rights under consumer protection legislation and they backed down and recognised that I was right in pointing out how their own marketing material and manual (still live on the Netgear website) cite 802.1x as a feature...

...because of this this they decided to offer me an upgrade, which I accepted. They have RMA'd my WN604 and opted to replace it with the WN802Tv2 model which officially supports Radius/802.1x.

I'm glad that was resolved, all within 5 hours of noticing something amiss in the first place.

(thought he WN802 doesn't fit in with the aesthetic of my existing Netgear equipment, oh well. I guess I'll have to stick it somewhere else in the house).

If anyone else has the WN604 and would like to get a free upgrade if they got burned with Radius support I can provide you with screenshots of websites and copies of marketing material in case you need them to make a claim.
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Re: WN604 and Radius

Hi W3bbo,

Its been only 1hour since I unpacked my WN604 which I specifically bought for the RADIUS support. I got the same gotcha feeling since I read the datasheet which they have not updated. I checked the manual only to find that there is no such setting!! Managed to find an old version of the manual online which refers to the RADIUS setting :confused:. Can you please let me know how to get an upgrade? Thank you very much for your original post you have been massive help already.
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Re: WN604 and Radius

Hi kostasl,

As you've got the manual and data sheet with Radius support mentioned, then all you need to do is file a customer support ticket with Netgear in your region or give them a phone call.

Just go here: http://support.netgear.com/app/contact

The usual rules apply: be modest and polite - and clearly state the issue, that you were missold the WN604 because of Netgear's own marketing and would like Netgear to resolve the situation. Don't ask for an upgrade or replacement straight away, but explain to them how the device you paid for isn't working as advertised.

Apparently you're in Greece? Be glad they haven't left the EU yet - consumer protection laws still apply - but only threaten legal remedies if they don't cooperate.
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