WN604 wireless channel


WN604 wireless channel

I have two WN604 access points that are bridged. I am running Firmware 3.0.2 on both access points. One is stuck in region US and the other in region UK.

Because the network was going slow, I tried to change the primary wireless channel. The access points were running 8 + 12 (region UK) and 8 + 4 (region US). I tried initially to change them so that the primary channel was 11 so they ran for a short while as 11 + 7 but then switched back to 8 + 12.

Because 11 is the maximum channel on region US, I decided to try channel 6 which ran as 6 + 10 for about an hour and then switched back to 8 + 12 or 8 + 4.

I don't understand why the channel is automatically switching back to the old setting. Can anyone provide some advice?
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Re: WN604 wireless channel

it appears that the install of the 3.0.2 firmware may have not been completed correctly and although the access points initially seemed to function correctly, they were not doing so. A hard reset was required. I have now managed to change the region and reset the access points to what I require.

I would have hoped that a normal restart in the access point would load the new firmware without the need to lose all the settings.
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