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WN802T-200 Firmware and connection


WN802T-200 Firmware and connection

I have a WN802T-200 in the UK to use as an AP for Interent connection.

I was on Firmware 3.1.1 and attempted to upgrade to 3.1.9.

The underlying reason was the Wireless Network was dropping the Wireless Users from the Internet.

The Firmware upgrade hung during updating.

Now I'm unable to access the NETGEAR GUI.

I have used IE and Firefox browers (I did disabled Virus software, Firewalls, ActiveX and Block pop ups)

I can ping the AP on from a Laptop machine via direct CAT5 linkage (ethernet direct to AP), and the laptop machine is set to 192.168.0.xxx (used 210 or 200 or 220) and

The ping times are fast and complete. I have replies, no lost items.

I have tried to load the GUI and am unable to.

I have completed the reset 30/30/30 and the reset 10/10/10. All to no avail.

The lights post the reset process are:
Power on Full Green;
Ethernet Flashing Green and
Wireless Full Blue.
As they normally would be.

I am unable to use the TFTP or FTP or TFTP2 tools to flash load the image files for a reload of 3.1.1. or 3.1.9. the Command Line says
TFTP "Connection Request Failed" or
FTP "ftp: connect: connection refused"
TFTP2 "Unable to get a response from the server"

The unzip downloaded files from NETGEAR support are WN802Tv2_V3.1.1_firmware.TAR or WN802Tv2_V3.1.9.TAR

Files I can see to flash files are ap81fus-jffs2 and vwlinux.gz.uImage

When I use the TFTP command from the source files drive ">TFTP -1 PUT ap81fus-jffs2"
I get the "Connection Failed Request"

I have tried multiple things and all come back connection request failed or refused.

Does any one know how I can connect to the AP GUI or failing that how I flash the files above onto the AP. I do not understand how to by-pass the connection to the AP for user and password or even access the AP via a connection. I also do not know how to connect to the AP using microsoft commands.

As I have reset I have tried the firmware NETGEAR admin and password without success.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

I have tried pretty much everthing in NETGEAR Support and on the web with no avail.

Help would be warmly received for one who has lost use of wireless with the family screaming for internet connection whilst all couped up over christmas.

Help would be appreciated.

Kind regards

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