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WN802T drops connections

I purchased a new WN802T Access Point about a year ago. I noticed periodically that it would sporatically drop connections. I updated the firmware and change the channel to make sure I was not possibly conflicting with any of my neighbors. Same thing. I began thinking perhaps it was my DELL laptop.

So, a month ago I purchased a new DELL laptop (a rather expensive one). I started experiencing dropped connections even more frequently than with the older DELL laptop. The drop outs are anywhere from every 5 minutes to every 30 minutes. DELL replaced and updated all the drivers and since that didn't work sent out a technician to replace the wireless NIC. Same issue.

So... I purchased a new WN802T just this past weekend now really thinking there was an issue with my older unit. Guess what??? Same exact thing is happening. I have updated the firmware and changed the channel on the new unit as well. The stranger thing is that at times I find the AP completely shut lights. This also happened with the older WN802T unit.

So... unless there is something terribly wrong with these APs I am wondering if some other wireless device in my house is causing the WN802T to disconnect?
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Re: WN802T drops connections

Did you ever find a resolution? I'm running into the same issue with a couple of Dell laptops. But I noticed the access point dropping when connected via a wired connection to the admin page.
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Re: WN802T drops connections

Yes... I replaced the Netgrear with a DLink DAP-2553
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Re: WN802T drops connections

I have a WN802T with a single Windows 7 client. It constantly drops the connection unless I switch off the WMM support - but then I don't get any higher than 54Mbps.
2 questions;
1 - why does it limit to 54 with WMM switched off.
2 - Why is the link flaky with it switched on?

I only bought this for the higher speed (I already had a .g WAP) - not much point if it limits at 54 itself.
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Re: WN802T drops connections

I've run into this - WN802T disappears from the network and is powered down, or just disappears from the network, but I can surf into it and reboot it. I have a second WN802T that NEVER has an issue and is rock solid.
Any back to the misbehaving WN802T, I found that unchecking the WMM power save feature appears to have fixed it. it's found in Configuration->Wireless->QoS Settings->WMM Powersave. Make sure it's NOT checked.

It seems that the implementation isn't quite right in these AP's of this feature. they just turn off and don't come back. the spec says they power down, then look around wirelessly every so often to see if any traffic needs to be dealt with.

I'm running firmware WN802Tv2_V3.1.1. I think the latest.
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