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Re: WN802Tv2 wall mount kit


WN802Tv2 wall mount kit

Before buying the WN802Tv2 i read the install guide available at http://support.netgear.com/app/products/model/a_id/2647 which states "Note: A wall mount kit is included with the WN802Tv2. Instructions for installing the brackets and mounting the WN802Tv2 are in the online Reference Manual.". However, after receiving the unit yesterday I noticed there was no wall mount kit. After some googling I found the page http://www.netgear.com/eol which states "To achieve the reduction in price, the wall mounting kit was removed from the package, based on customer feedback that the wall mount kit was rarely used.".

Nice. How about actually stating that in the install guide?

Is there any way to actually get one of those wall mount kits?
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Re: WN802Tv2 wall mount kit

for EOL products you are likely to be SOL.

I would contact support at my.netgear.com and ask about it. 🙂
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Re: WN802Tv2 wall mount kit

Ok, I will ask support. Anyway, it's the WN802T-100 which is EOL, not the WN802T-200 (which is the replacement and the unit I bought).
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