Re: WNAP210 with Macbook laptops


WNAP210 with Macbook laptops

My equipment:
- WMS-5316 Wireless controller
- x4 WNAP210 Access points

I've successfully configured the controller with access points. And everything seems to work. My network consists of Apple MacBook laptops and standard PC laptops. All the PC laptops work fine, but MacBook computer having issues with the wireless. After couple of minutes the network connectivity got lost, the connections state of the wireless adapter (Airport) shows connected, but no actual network connectivity. To fix this, they will need to re-enable their Wireless card (Airport) to make it work again.

For some laptops it happens rarely for other very often. The configuration is pretty default with WPA/WPA2 security, no load-balancing enabled.

Please help.
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Re: WNAP210 with Macbook laptops

Hi. Did you ever find an answer for this? I am having the exact same issue. It only happens to MAC and iOS devices. Windows clients run fine. Currently running the WNAP210_2.1.1 firmware, and MAC wireless clients will just disassociate. They have to disable then re-enable their wireless cards to re-establish connection.

I have put up a Linksys running dd-WRT, and the MACs all stay connected to it without any issue. So I don't think I'm totally off base by concluding there is an issue with the WNAP210.

Hope you got it sorted, and might be able to share. Thanks either way.

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Re: WNAP210 with Macbook laptops

I have found similar issues and believe I have found the root issue. There seems to be a compatibility issue between Netgear 802.11N and Broadcom chipsets. All of the MacBooks that I have seen have Broadcom chipsets. I am working with a Netgear Level 3 support rep to try and find a solution. For a temp fix if you go into the WMS5316 you can change the APs to only offer 802.11b/g. I found that I had to have the APs in a Group and do it under advanced as under basic the settings wouldn't take affect on the APs. Let me know if that helps.
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Re: WNAP210 with Macbook laptops

One of the MacBooks here was seeing this problem. However, after telling the MacBook to "forget" the network then re-entering details, things seemed much more stable.
I have given up with 2.1.1 and reverted to 2.0.27 which seems to be much more stable (but see my other post re the AMPDU flag please).
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