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Re: WNCE2001 between two routers


WNCE2001 between two routers

Hi all,

I have this configuration:

PC <--> Router <--> AP <--> WNCE2001 <--> D-Link DD-WRT <--> Other network

The D-Link AP is in client mode. It can ping router on the Other network fine. If I bypass the WNCE2001, I can reach the Other network from the PC fine. My problem is that I want to use the WNCE2001 to avoid stringing a cable over half the house, and it does not appear to work in this mode.

With the WNCE2001 connected, I can ping both it and the D-Link router, I can visit both web UIs. So connectivity to the D-Link is fine. However, I can no longer reach anything on the Other network.

My PC/Router/AP/WNCE2001/D-Link are all in, the Other network is It also has an internet connection, which I can use without the WNCE2001 involved, but cannot when it is in place.

It looks like anything routed through the device to the wired side is dropped. i.e. the packet has the correct MAC address of the D-Link but the IP address is off-network so it's dropped.

Is there a way to use this device in this configuration? Or is it just not possible?
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Re: WNCE2001 between two routers

I thin your issues is DHCP on 172 side and 192 side

I would try using address reservation on both main router and other networks
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Re: WNCE2001 between two routers

Thanks for the reply! In fact, on the 172 side, I am using a static IP (there is a DHCP server, but for these two devices I am not using it). On the other side, the reservation is correctly received. From the DD-WRT router (ip route show): dev ath0 scope link dev ath0 proto kernel scope link src dev br0 proto kernel scope link src dev br0 proto kernel scope link src dev lo scope link
default via dev ath0

My source address is within and destination is either in or Internet (neither works when the WNCE2001 is connected but does work when a long cable is run, bypassing it). I add static routes to my Mac in order to test this (i.e. route add or just change the default route so the traffic passes through the DD-WRT router.
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Re: WNCE2001 between two routers

Most these wnce2001 or extender model has an issues reaching behind the it so if you use CAT5 a d works then that seems to be the caae
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Re: WNCE2001 between two routers

Hey did this ever work out for you? I'm wanting to know kind of the same thing. I'm wondering if I can configure the adaptor to connect to a router then plug the adaptor into a different router thats connected to the internet effectivly joining the 2 routers together. So my setup would look like (Computers)<===>Router 1<~~~~~~>WNCE2001<===>Router Connected to internet


=== wired connection

~~~ wireless connection

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