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WNDAP 350 NTP Issues


WNDAP 350 NTP Issues

I have a pair of WNDAP350s pointing to a custom NTP server on our network.

I have one device which has drifted 7 hours off course and won't realign and another which has apparently never synced at all (date is Jan 1999).

I have the devices sending SNMP info to the same machine which is acting as NTP Server and I can see the messages thanks to the server logs.

I have other devices synching to the NTP server of the custom server (I can see the exchanges in /var/log/messages).

Yet no matter what I do, I can NOT get the WNDAPs to sync their time properly.

I saw that there was previous conversation on the forum including a few potential fixes (use only an IP address which we did anyway, set a fake IP address then fix it etc) but none of them have done anygood.

I have upgraded the FW in one, but not the other. I am curious if anyone has any suggestions. Thank you.

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Re: WNDAP 350 NTP Issues

I am experiencing this, as well as other problems with my WNDAP350s. But I am getting no responses from anyone on the forums. I would like to know a fix for this issue. Hopefully it is sooner then the next firmware update.
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