Re: WNDAP350 Antenna Recommendation?


WNDAP350 Antenna Recommendation?


I am considering purchase of a WNDAP350. I wanted to post on the appropriate forum but I apparently can't do so until I actually purchase an Enterprise-level device. However, I don't want to buy one of those until I had a few questions answered. So apologies for posting this in this section.

The WNDAP350 info page said it is not recommended to use the 2405 or 2409 antennas with this AP.

However, one of the main reasons I am looking at the 250 is due to its ability to take an external and better antenna.

I was initially looking at the 6300 for my new AP, but the 350 had a number of other features I wanted as well.

So what antennas are recommended?

(If none of the Netgear antennas are, are there any good third-party antennas that people have used for dual band APs?)

Thanks in advance!
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Re: WNDAP350 Antenna Recommendation?

The info page states:

"Two (2) reverse SMA antenna connectors"

I looked up "reverse SMA connector", and the descriptions I saw were a bit confusing, e.g.-

From the photos of the back of the 350, it appears that the antenna should have a plain old male SMA connector.

Can anyone please clarify?
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Re: WNDAP350 Antenna Recommendation?

Another clarification on which antenna would work with the 350... The manual states: "This device has been designed to operate with an antenna having a maximum gain of 5 dBi."

So that rules out at least one other of the Netgear antennas not to mention a lot of third party ones.

The Overview page for the 350 also states: "Antenna take-offs enable optional accessory antenna attachment for 2.4 GHz operations" So an external antenna will only provide a benefit for 2.4 GHz but not for 5 GHz?

So which antennas exactly will work with the 350?
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Re: WNDAP350 Antenna Recommendation?

small connector is common on netgear

get the device and order the antenna to be 100%
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Re: WNDAP350 Antenna Recommendation?

I have used the 7dBi antenna, ANT2407 on mine for a long time and there's been no problems. I have also used the ANT32405 which is for all intents and purposes 3 5dBi antennas in one box (there is no other electronics in the box, it just mounts the aerials). I wasn't impressed with it as it seemed to me to be overpriced for what is and you can buy 3 5dBi antennas seperately for a lot less.
At one point before the new Netgear website went live, the product info page for the WNDAP350 used to say that the ANT2405v1 (there is now a version 2 of this antenna) was not compatible with the WNDAP350 and should not be used. It also said nothing about the compatibility of the ANT2407 so I went ahead and bought some and they've been fine since.

I've always thought that the reason Netgear say they don't want more than 5dBi antennas used is because it would allow the transmit power of the access point to go outside of regulatory limits for certain countries. My knowledge of radios is limited, but I can't see a problem adding say a 7dBi antenna to any radio, as long as its tuned and its SWR is correct (which it should be as its not homemade. I am also willing to be corrected here)

With regard to the ANT2409, I think it is a bit of a special case and I don't really know why. I read on a previous post somewhere that it is a collinear antenna as opposed to a dipole and this might have some bearing on its performance in "N" applictions but I don't know enough about it to give any sort of recommendation.

Also to confirm:
The antenna connections are Reverse SMA, they have a male connection on the access point.
There are no antenna connections for the 5GHz radios unless you want to solder some pigtails onto the circuit board and run them out of the case.

In short, I think you can use whatever antennas you like from the Netgear range up to and including the 7dBi ones. I wouldn't use the 9dBi one or the high gain directional ones though.

See this article (its a bit old now):

My previous posts on this topic:
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Re: WNDAP350 Antenna Recommendation?

Thank you Bob, that is perfect! And thanks June for your info on the SMA connector.
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Re: WNDAP350 Antenna Recommendation?

I decided to go with the WNDAP350 and a couple of ANT2407 antennas. Thanks all!
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