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WNDR3700v2 dropping connection every minute


WNDR3700v2 dropping connection every minute

I recently replaced my QWest supplied 2Wire modem/router with combination of DM111PSv2 and WNDR3700v2. DM111PSv2 is configured as modem only pass through and WNDR is configured as router with DHCP. The PPPoE credential is set correctly on WNDR and it does get WAN IP address successfuly. However, every minute to 90 seconds, the WNDR drops the Internet connection and reconnects. This will result in new IP address being assigned by QWest.

WNDR will not stay up long enough to get any useful connectivity from any of the connected devices (both wired and wireless).

If I set the DM111 as modem + router and disable WNDR's DHCP and use only the downstream ports, I can get Internet access correctly.

The firmware version for WNDR is

Any help?

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Re: WNDR3700v2 dropping connection every minute

Did you use idle time out set to 0 om wndrxx's basic settings?
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