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WNR2000v3 Wireless issue


WNR2000v3 Wireless issue

My pc and laptop will do 1 of 2 things, either connect to the router and have no internet access or will refuse to connect to the router at all even though it sees it and has great signal strength. The internet works just fine when I use the ethernet and my wireless on my 360 works like a charm. All my drivers are up to date the firmware on the router is up to date, the old router I had worked fine with wireless. Any ideas?

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Re: WNR2000v3 Wireless issue

Though it should work out of the box, have you tried assigning static IPs to your computers?

Here's what I did. When into my router settings ( then to LAN Setup and under the Use Router as DHCP Server I changed the Starting IP Addresses to and left the Ending IP Addresses at

I did this just so the router doesn't try to assign the IP addresses to to any wireless devices that might connect to the network. Now you can use these IP addresses to assign Static IP addresses to your computers and Xbox.
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