WNR3500L wireless AP issues


WNR3500L wireless AP issues

Hey everyone,

I've been searching google and the forums for a while looking for any type of relation to the problems I am having.

I am attempting to attach three routers in our store but I am having the hardest time getting a wireless signal out of them. I will explain my process below.

Our store has a domain server that assigns DNS and DHCP. I connected the router to a pc and changed the settings to disable the DHCP and changed the IP address to an unused ip on our network ( ).

(I am connecting my router ap to a switch located on the first floor of the store)

When a PC is connected to the router it grabs an IP from the server and works great but the wireless doesn't seem to be doing to well. I cannot connect to the AP at all. If I do connect it doesn't let me connect to the internet. I have tried to assign a static ip but I always run into an issue with connecting to my router.

The problem I am having with one of my other routers is that it seems to love to take down my filesharing on the server. (what a pain)

Any assistance would be appreciated and I apologize in advance if this doesnt make sense.. I'm running off no sleep and half a can of red bull.

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Re: WNR3500L wireless AP issues

wnr3500l is not access point devcie.

it is wireless/wired router

belongs to
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