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WPS indicator blinks then blinks faster then goes OFF


WPS indicator blinks then blinks faster then goes OFF

I have a Netgear WiFi extender AC1200 Model EX6120, I am using Windows 8.1 

I have tried with and without the Ethernet cable to connect to the extender but the WPS indicator light goes on, blinks for about 1 min. then blinks faster then GOES OFF.

.I have reset the extender, I have followed the instruction both in the guide and online, I am in the same room with the MODEM/ROUTER about 2 feet away from the extender, just can't fiqure out whats wrong!!



Model: A6150|AC1200 Dual Band WiFi USB Mini Adapter
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Re: WPS indicator blinks then blinks faster then goes OFF

what modem router? 

If its an ISP supplied device, I wouldn't use wps for setup. It can sometimes get coded different and cause issues. 

The support site has a video (2nd one i think?) showing using the installation assistant. I'd use that. 



so factory reset it (push and hold reset for 7-15 seconds while powered on) then follow the installation assistant guide. NOT WPS.


If it doesn't work, tell me in details where its failing. We aren't there to see whats going on so we need details/steps in the process that aren't working. 

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