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What Extender do I use to cover my whole house?


What Extender do I use to cover my whole house?

I have a Nighthawk R8000 Router (2.5 yo) and added an EX7000 some moths back and the combo still doesn't cover my house.  I have the R8000 on my 3rd floor where my modem is located and my kids have their gaming consoles directly hard-wired.   I put the EX7000 on my first floor on the other side of the house and the signal strength is yellow most of the time and either red or green depending on it's mood at the time.  The WIFI addresses for the EX7000 are the same as the R8000 except it has _EXT after it for the dual bands.  I have a clould memory device and a SONOS network connected to the EX7000.  Overall I don't have decent intrnet from my basement to the 3rd floor as I currently have it configured.  I have been suggested to move the EX7000 to a location where the signals are green as a start.


I was wondering whether I could use something like the NETGEAR EX6150 or something similar that uses my wiring.  Overall the upload and download speeds currently are pretty bad depending on the location in the house and you have to log into different networks to use them.  Will all the devices work together?  Should I replace the R8000? Is there an extender or solution anyone could recommend?  Thanks.

Model: EX6150|AC1200 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: What Extender do I use to cover my whole house?

Hello KB12


Yes you can use another extender should work fine as long as you are connecting via wire or extending off the main network and not daisy chaining extenders. If you are looking for a better solution than extenders you may want to look at Orbi it can cover up to 4000sq ft.



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