Re: What is Nighthawk Mesh and How Can I Extend My Home's WiFi Coverage?

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What is Nighthawk Mesh and How Can I Extend My Home's WiFi Coverage?

So what is Nighthawk Mesh? How are Nighthawk WiFi Mesh Extenders different than other range extenders? Please give a warm welcome to our NETGEAR expert, Ben Pool, as he answers your questions on everything Nighthawk Mesh.


In our Thought Leadership Video Series, you can learn about the basics of extending your home's WiFi network and how Nighthawk Mesh has an edge over traditional range extenders.


Click the timestamps below to learn about the features of Nighthawk Mesh:

• One Network Name: 0:521:09

• Seamless Roaming: 1:101:33

• Tri-Band Speeds: 1:341:55

• Universally Compatible: 1:562:11

• What Nighthawk WiFi Mesh Extender is right for me? 2:122:28


Learn more about Nighthawk Mesh Extenders

Learn how to create a WiFi Mesh System with Nighthawk Mesh

Learn how to extend WiFi coverage in your home with Nighthwk Mesh

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Re: What is Nighthawk Mesh and How Can I Extend My Home's WiFi Coverage?

I have a R7800 running smart connect.  I had some weak spots in my home so I picked up a EX8000 Extender.  I got it configured using WPS to the router.  But I am facing a few issues.

In the extender setup screen sometimes the 5ghz is 866 mbps between router and extender and the 5ghz  out of the extender is 1733 mbps.  Now it is flipped whereas the 5ghz from router to extender is 1100mbps?  Is that different than the backhaul channel?  

How can I tell if the third band is getting best throughput?  The max throughput LED is white most of time,  sometimes it goes out.


The next issue is in the status screen under the smart setup button,  the connection to the existing 5GHZ network disconnects randomly?  I have good signal strength,  I just changed the channel to 124 and it seems better.


Here is the bigger issue, this may be normal,  I don't know.  But my devices don't seem to want to connect to the extender,  the extender is maybe 50 feet from the router at an opposite end of the house.  If I am sitting next to the extender I still don't connect,  which I see as strange.  It picks up the weaker signal from the router.  I was expecting this to supplement the areas with weak signals in a mesh sort of way.

I have updated the firmware on the extender to and the router to  I do have QOS enabled on router.


Model: DVG1000|Wireless 11n ADSL+2 Voice Router,EX8000|AC3000 Nighthawk X6S Tri Band WiFi Range Extender
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