Re: What to do post scam??


What to do post scam??

So I was big time scammed and because I thought I was dealing with Netgear support, I allowed a criminal access to my computer via a screen sharing service. I’m at a loss for what to do now! I deleted the downloaded app from my computer but I have no way of knowing what this guy stole while he was in there. I’m beyond sick over this…. Any suggestions for steps to identify possible issues or further access to my computer or network would be greatly appreciated!!
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Re: What to do post scam??

While this really isn't anything we could help you with, you pretty much have to consider your data and the installed system (including devices on your LAN accessible with that system's access credentials) compromised and act accordingly.


This involves, at the very least, disconnecting from the network until you're sure your system is trustworthy again, running a (or multiple) virus- and malware scanner from externally booted media and then assessing further steps (did the scammer have access to an administrative account, what data is accessible from that system (including network- and cloud hosted data) is sensitive, etc.). The very least that should be done, is formatting the affected system, reinstalling the operating system/ installed application and restoring your data from an offline backup prior to the incidence. Afterwards (or in parallel), make sure to change access credentials to any and every ressources you're using (that includes mail accounts, cloud based access, local user accounts, social media, etc.).


Smart malware 'can' persist a full system re-installation (by modifying the system firmware and implanting malicious SMM procedures) without being noticed, while not necessarily the most likely scenario, depending on your threat assessment replacing the affected computer hardware (and connected devices) isn't totally out of line (although not easy to justify in a home environment).


The above can't replace getting judicial assistance, nor trusted (local) computer service assessing your exposure and its impact - it's only intended as a starting point for your reaction.

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