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Why does the device light on my EX3700 periodically change?


Why does the device light on my EX3700 periodically change?

I live in a one-story house with a basement, 1000 square feet per floor. I have my router placed in a room in a corner of the basement, so upstairs connections are weak at best. Plus to start setting up a reliable home security system I needed reliable connections for the devices upstairs and outside. That's why I got the EX3700. I plugged it into an outlet nearly in the center of the main floor, approximately 10 feet, in a direct line, from the router downstairs.


I've noticed that the Device light changes color periodically (red, amber, green). I understand that the colors indicate the strength of the connection between the extender and a wifi device. I've noticed however, that often times when the device light is red or even amber, doing things on my phone gets slow (surfing the web, loading email, getting images in texts, etc). Even when I'm standing right next to the extender. I've made sure that my phone is connected to the 5GHz band on the extender.


Why does the connection strength change like that, and is there any way to improve the quality of the connection?

Model: EX3700|AC750 WiFi Range Extender Essentials Edition
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Re: Why does the device light on my EX3700 periodically change?

the issue with that device light? is that its 1 single light. For multiple devices. If you have more than 1 device connected, its not going to be accurate. You'd want to log into the extender to see what actual signal strengths are. 


You also need to keep in mind, the EX3700 is the base model dual band extender. Its performance isn't the greatest because of the very nature of how extender have to work. They're speed is going to be half of what their receiving. I'd recommend looking over a few tests of them. Here's one for the EX6100 which is a AC750 extender as well. 


Extenders aren't the highest peforming devices in single/dual band form (tribands are much better). They're designed to extend the range/cover dead spots. Not be the primary coverage for a home. 


You might have much better performance if you can find a way centrally locate the router. 


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