Wifi Extender or Repeater


Wifi Extender or Repeater

I am trying to add a wifi extender or repeater to a light pole about 125 Ft from my house.   This inturn will send a wifi signal to a Ring security camera located another 50-60 ft away down some stairs to my dock.
I don't want to have to run a Cat 5 cable all the way to the light pole.  I do have an electrical outlet on the pole that I can plug into.
What product would you recommend?   This will be outside as well. 
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Re: Wifi Extender or Repeater

125ft is a stretch for distance. Potentially you can get it working but its expensive to buy something that "might" work. 

Potentially you could use a powerline device if the pole is on the same power circuit as the home. 


You might have to try several things to get it working properly. 

Got an old router sitting around? Some have a repeater/extender mode or can have 3rd party firmare installed that could support those modes. 

Otherwise, it might be worth buying one from a place with a generous return policy incase it didn't work to your satisfaction. 


Or you can bite the bullet and bury an underground rated ethernet cord. 

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Re: Wifi Extender or Repeater

A light pole? You mean, as in outside your house?


125 ft might be a bit much for WiFi, especially if there is anything that can block the signal such as foliage.

Bear in mind, that a repeater doubles the WiFi traffic. Depending on your ISP speed and bandwith usage, that could be a problem. An "extender" generally refers to an access point that is connected via ethernet. If at all possible, go that route and bury an ethernet cable as it will be a heck of a lot more reliable and cause less traffic on your WiFi.

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