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Wireless Extender - Hotspot


Wireless Extender - Hotspot

I've been trying to look for a good wifi extender to enhance my connection to my room. I have three roommates, and since I'm the farthest from the router, my connection buffers. I've been looking onine for an extender and read many good reviews on the netgear N600 wifi range extender. I found the manual online and I saw that you can create a new wifi hotspot if you connect the ethernet cable from the extender to the router. I was wondering if there was any possible way to create a wifi hotspot wirelessly, without connecting to the router. I would prefer to have the connection to myself, so if there was any other models that can offer this feature? 

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Sr. NETGEAR Moderator

Re: Wireless Extender - Hotspot

Hello rn07


You can connect the extender via a wireless connection but it has its drawbacks with slower speed. As for your second question if you connect it either by wireless or wired its still connected to the same network as your room mates.



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