Wn2000rpt need help in afghanistan


Wn2000rpt need help in afghanistan

Hey Guys,
First of all I'm no network guru so please explain in layman terms. First of all I'm on a small base in Afghanistan where I buy my monthly internet service which is wifi through a company that is off site. I had my wife send my a range extender because the service in my tent could be better but the main reason I wanted it is so I could try and log in with my computer, iPad and iPhone under one IP address. My monthly service will only let me log in with one of these devices at a time. So I was hoping that with the extender that the main network would only see one device but let me log in with my other devices through it without being noticed. I've had the range extender connected to the network and I logged in through it with my laptop but I couldn't log in with my Iphone or Ipad. But the main issue is that about after 5 minutes of being logged in through the extender it kicked me off line. So I'm guessing the network has a way of seeing the range extender and therefor kicking it off. So the main question I have is, is there a way I can configure the range extender to where the main network can't tell that its not just another computer? And if so, what would be the reason that it wouldn't let me log in to the range extender with another device?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Wn2000rpt need help in afghanistan

I seen those service which uses like portal or single login will not work with extender.
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