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X6S high speed backhaul link to X10


X6S high speed backhaul link to X10

My main router is a X10 R9000 connected to a fibre 1gbps connection. I've recently installed the X6S extender and it's working just fine. The X6S is about 25ft from the X10, but on another floor.

However, in the attached devices I see that the extender is connected to the router via 5ghz connection with a link rate of 877mbps.

Is there a way to connect the extender via the high speed 5ghz band?
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Re: X6S high speed backhaul link to X10

On  the X6S admin interface I can see that it is connected to the X10  visa Channel 153, 975mbps.


Is this the max it will go to, or any way to increase the connection speed?

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Re: X6S high speed backhaul link to X10

Hi @SumitMalik,

Thanks for the feedback and the question. Glad to hear that you are happy with the Nighthawk X6S + X10 performance. Request you to register the product if not done so. 

The fastest backhaul connection from Nighthawk X6S can go upto 1.7Gpbs. This is dependent on several factors such as Router's channel, layout of the house, materials of construction, other sources of interference, positioning of the router and extender etc. In your case it's definitely using the 4x4 link for the backhaul. The status shown is instantaneous and the actual link rate could vary any time depending on any or all of the factors above. Please check with WiFi Analytics app if channel 153 has other sources of interference. Sometimes  other devices such as entertainment centers, sound bars etc. may also cause the link speed to be slightly lower if they operate in the 5GHz band. 

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