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adding a second EX7000 wireless extender to. My D7000

adding a second EX7000 wireless extender to. My D7000


I am using a D7000 as my router and have a EX7000 in wireless extender mode in by B&B with separate SSID so as not to allow guests access to my D7000.

I have a second EX7000 which I want to use as a wireless range extender in the opposite direction to an outbuilding where I am setting up my home office. 

What is the correct way to do this. Have no problem with it creating additional networks as any devices I use seem to log into the next network as I get get out of the range of one I am using and connect automatically anyway. When I go onto my wifi exit I do not see any option for multiple range extenders so thought I best ask on here first of all before I wreck connection to the extender I have connected already.

Many thanks


Model: EX7000|AC1900 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: adding a second EX7000 wireless extender to. My D7000

I have now worked it out and will post how it is done once I have a few moments to spare. It was a bit like going round the houses so have to think what the relevant steps were in order to help anyone with the same issue.

One pointer though is that if you use my wifiext it will show the original extender, so once you have the second extender registered preferably using wps, login to the router with network genie and see what the ip of the new extender is. As there will now be two identical ones in the connected devices, check the MAC address last digits as the beginning of the MAC address might get translated. Once you find the new one,login with the IP address and it will take you through setup. In my case it transferred the settings from the original extender, which was a bit confusing, but as I had renamed the original one which is a guest network I realised that it was just the settings and not talking to that extender.

Happy to help if you are having problems, but bear in mind I am not a pro, just a fast learner, or as my wife calls me...an alien

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