best wall plug extender to use as a bridge


best wall plug extender to use as a bridge

I'm trying to connect several wired devices in a room that doesn't have a cat6 cable. Ideally what I want to do is to connect a wall plug wifi extender, connect it wireless to my router (I have good signal in the entire house) and connect a switch to the ethernet port.


Can I do that with ex6150 or do I have to buy something like the ex7000? I'd prefer the first option since I already have several gigabit switches I could use, instead of paying more for one with an integrated switch. The manual and instalation guide are not clear about connecting a switch to the gigabit port of the wall plug extenders.


the other question is, is there any device that I can turn of the wireless repeater? I only need it to connect wireless for the uplink but I already have good signal through my router.

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Re: best wall plug extender to use as a bridge

Yes it is possible to setup the EX6150 in extender mode, then ethernet to a switch.

Please also test with your several gigabit switches.

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