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can X-4S EX7500 work with AD7200 X-10?


can X-4S EX7500 work with AD7200 X-10?

i have night hawk X10 AD7200.  i need a range extender and i have my eye on night hawk X4S EX7500.  can these two unit work toghether without an issue?  or I need to down grade to EX7300?

Model: EX7500|AC3000 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: can X-4S EX7500 work with AD7200 X-10?

Hi @gundamx,

                       EX7500 is compatible with your router. If you connect anything wired to your extender, i would recommend you to go ahead with EX8000 since EX7500 doesn't have ethernet port.

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