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Re: connecting machine to wireless network


connecting machine to wireless network

This is the first time doing this so I hope I am posting in the right link topic
I recently setup a netgear G54 WGR614v10 router s/n28T3197B00140
for internet access. I did it thru windows on my Windows 7 pro machine.
It is secured with the encryption password. When trying to connect another machine
the the wireless network for example a windows XP Machine. It finds the network but after I type in the security key to access it, It will not find an ip address to connect. It will say acquiring an address, does not connect and it just says automatic next to our wifi network, no error messages at all.
Also the encryption type is not like on my own network is setup as a WEP
Its setup as WPA2-PERSONAL so i don't know if that is the issue
please advise
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Re: connecting machine to wireless network

do NOT put serial number in the forum


login the router and properly change the encryption passphrase to your own with WPA2

you probably got hack if had set to use WEP. if you can NOT login the router then reset the router . see router reset on my sig below.
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Re: connecting machine to wireless network

thanks for the tips, I have to locate the login information
and will let you know
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